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crane Kit

Wheel Block

Stein wheel block is used wherever loads need to be moved.
This is possible in crane, trolley and systems building as well as in custom applications an special constructions.
Compact, powerful and maintenance friendly. Users, crane manufacturers and system builders like the robust wheel block, which i designed on the basis of proven, low-maintenance components. Controlled serial production of the standard components affords you economic advantages.
The wheel block is a generally acknowledged quality product of the highest order

Control Panel

Introducing Stein Cranes’ Control panel and electric components connection. As a crane manufacturer and supplier, Stein Cranes will provide you with all types of crane parts. The crane control panel and related electric components are of high quality. Crane control panels help you control your overhead crane and gantry crane. There are many different types of crane control panels at your selection such as crane cabinets. The crane control panel system keeps your crane under control. At Stein Cranes, we provide our customers with the crane control panel/cabinet, electric switchgear and a complete set of electric control panels. We also help you with site installations and commissioning services. We can also redesign or remanufacture nonstandard electric crane control panel received from our customers.

Rope guide

The rope guide is lightweight and durable and can be installed quickly and easily without the need for special tools.
It is extremely rigid and can withstand extreme applications and environments.
The roller wheel ensures a smooth transition operation and can extend its service life by reducing wear on the cable drum and the guide itself.
This guide can be manufactured for different drum sizes and tilt directions, and its modular design allows you to install equipment for new features such as drum cleaning, side pull protection, and rope measurement.
Rope guides for specific drum diameters can be configured for different hoist applications and designs.