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Wire rope Hoist Low Head

ST Series Wire Rope Electric Hoist Lifiting Capacity : 1 000 kg ~ 16 000 kg

ST Series Wire Rope Electric Hoist Lifiting Capacity : 1 000 kg ~ 16 000 kg

Standard Features

  • 380V/3ph/50HZ Supply Voltage
  • Control Voltage 48
  • Lifting Limit Switch
  • IP protection grade of the electric motor is grad IP55
  • Insulation grade is F
  • Lifting hook group with safety clasp
  • Load Lifting Limiter
  • Environment temperature -20 C -+ 40 C
  • Load capacities up to 16 ton  


Standard Variable

  • Double – Speed or Inverter Lifting
    motor with 1 – 16 Ton
  • Compact low headroom to maximize hook path
  • Optimized weight of hoist
  • Economical operation cost
  • Enviromental
  • Energy saving
  • Optimum utillisation of the available space
  • Various hook paths for different building heights

Other features

Other features :

  • Highly efficient electric motor with hard tooth surface reducer, to achieve the low energy consumption and large output torque.
  • The electromagnetic brake can adjust itself automatically with high precision, to achieve fast and reliable braking with low noise.
  • The steel wire rope with high strength and high flexibility, to achieve greater and safer lifting.
  • High strength rope guide and pulley, its self-lubricating help to achieve a longer service life of the steel wire rope.
  • High strength alloy wheel group, to achieve a long service life for the wheels.
  • Modular design to realize the flexible combination.